VeaWeb© Component - Pre-requisites for installing Microsoft IIS

Application Server

.Net Framework 4.5

Web Server (IIS) Support

Web Server (IIS)

Web Server

                              Common HTTP Features

                                             Default Document

                                             Directory Browsing

                                             HTTP Errors

                                             Static Content

                                             HTTP Redirection

                                             WebDav Publishing

                              Health and Diagnostics

                                             HTTP Logging

                                             Custom Logging

                                             Logging Tools

                                             Request Monitor



                                             Static Content Compression

                                             Dynamic Content Compression


                                             Request Filtering

                                             Basic Authentication

                                             Client Certificate Mapping Authentication

                                             Digest Authentication

                                             IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication

                                             IP and Domain Restrictions

                                             URL Authorization

                                             Windows Authentication

                              Application Development

                                             .NET Extensibility 3.5

                                             .NET Extensibility 4.5


                                             ASP.NET 3.5

                                             ASP.NET 4.5


                                             ISAPI Extensions

                                             ISAPI Filters

                                             Server Side Includes


                              Management Tools

                                             IIS Management Console

                                             IIS 6 Management Compatibility

                                             IIS Management Scripts and Tools

                                             Management Service

Windows Server Update Services

                                             WID Database

                                             WSUS Services


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