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Video - Vea View

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This document assumes all prerequisites have been met.

Vea View is SenSource's proprietary reporting software that is designed to be used  with our people, vehicle, and temperature sensors. SenSource SystemManager software must be configured before reports can be generated in Vea View.

 For help with SystemManager click here.



Extracts are the building blocks of the reporting software. Extracts can be used to create .CSV, .XLS, Advanced Reports, and Dashboards. To create an extract navigate to Settings>Extracts>New. From there follow the extract wizard.



Traffic reports are typically used to create .PDF charts, however they can also be used to create extracts. Traffic reports can be sent to a printer, emailed, or exported into a different file format. To make a traffic report select "traffic" in the reports section. 


Prerequiste: Extract.

Advanced reports are typically used to create .PDF charts. These reports are different than traffic reports because they are built off of an extract. Since extracts are more robust than traffic reports you can add more descriptive metrics into your advanced report than a traffic report. 


Recipient groups are required in order for the software to automatically send emailed reports. An unlimited number of individuals may receive automated emailed reports. The individual email addresses must be added to the recipient group. The recipient group can be found in settings > recipient groups.

5. Jobs

  • Job: To make a new job go to settings > jobs. Name your job and tag the appropriate reports, extracts, and recipients that you have already created.

  • Email body: Their must be text in the subject line and body of the email. This is required for automation.

  • Output Tab: Output format, check the email button.

  • Directory: Browse to a folder to temporarly write to while the system automates the reports. This is a temporary folder that is required.

6. Job Scheduling

  • Job schedule: To schedule a job go to settings > job schedule. Right click on the day you would like the job to start. Select "new recurring job" and select the appropriate job start time and recurrence pattern.

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