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VidX People Counter Ports, Bandwidth and Device Storage

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Last updated: 19 Jun, 2019
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Network/Firewall Ports required for Vea Cloud Reporting:

Outbound TCP Port 80/443: -> traffic data to SenSource Cloud reporting.

Outbound TCP Port 80/443: -> remote management server. Access for SenSource support and configuration.

Outbound UDP Port 123: -> NTP service (Time sync)

Storage and device info:

The sensor is sharing a storage of 120 day for all count lines. 

This means for two count lines data is stored for 60 day, three lines 40 days and so on. 

For zones the shared storage is 60 days. 

The stored granularity is one minute.

What is the minimum required bandwidth to get access to the sensor? 

>200 KB/s: sensor works best including the WebGUI (up to 4 frames per second are delivered in the live view)

100 KB/s: sensor works moderate with the WebGUI in use (live view provides limited fps only)

<20 KB/s: sensor works, but without using the WebGUI (ok for operational use after configuration). Actual needed bandwidth depends on how many DataPush Agents, Object Streams etc. are in use.

Connection and power info/requirements

Connection: RJ-45 Ethernet, Cat 5e

Power: PoE Class 0 (IEEE 802.3af)

Protocols: IPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, 802.1x, DNS, TCP, UDP, DHCP

Less then 5 Watts power consumption

Other requirements:

Required illumination: min. 2 Lux

Privacy setting: Yes, Level 0 - 3

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