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Resetting/Default a thermal counter

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Last updated: 25 May, 2018
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To reset the IP address to default on a Gazelle THI thermal counter, follow these instructions:

1.       Remove the front cover if present.

2.       Make sure that the counter is powered up.

3.       Locate the small hole in-between the red and green LEDs on the front of the
counter. Using a paper clip, or thin screwdriver, press and hold the reset button
inside this hole.

4.       Watch the two LEDs as you press and hold down the button and after only about
1 second, the LEDs will flash alternately and you should release the button.

The IP settings will now be reset to the factory details. Take care not to hold the switch
down for longer as, after 5 seconds, all settings in the counter will be reset to default

If, after resetting the IP details, you change your mind and want to put the counter back
to its original IP address (in order to retrieve data for example), then simply reboot the
counter without making any changes and it will go back to its original IP settings present
before you pressed the reset button. Note that a full counter reset to all default values
cannot be undone.

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