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USB Download Utility

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Last updated: 14 Feb, 2017
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USB Download Utility

Downloading and saving counts from the TB12-R sensor

Plug the sensor with the LCD screen into your computer using the provided USB cable. The LCD screen will say Config.

Launch the USB Download Utility software.

Click the Scan for Devices button

*On the initial setup only - under Settings, uncheck Auto-Save After Download

Select None and Download

Select OK

Select the Data tab

Select Show History Data

*On the initial download only - remove unneeded columns.

Right click the unwanted column header and select Remove This Column from the dropdown menu.

SenSource recommends removing all columns except for: Record Date Time Local, Value A and Raw Value A



From the File menu select Save Layout

To save the report as an Excel spreadsheet, select File and Print

From the Print Preview screen select File, hover over Export Document from the drop down menu, select XLS File

Select OK

Name and Save the document

Note: When naming files do not use punctuation in the file name (i.e. / ? . ! # * etc.). You may use hyphens (-) and underscores (_).

You may view the file immediately by selecting Yes

Once the file is saved exit out of the Print Preview Screen and Data Preview Screen


At this point you can clear the history log and start with fresh counts – or - keep the old counts and continue collecting counts.


  1. Clearing the history log will permanently erase all historical data from the sensor.
  2. If the history log is not erased the sensor will continue to collect counts.
  3. The sensor has limited memory space. Once the space is used up the oldest data will be permanently overwritten.
  4. See the chart below for data retention limits.

SenSource Tech Support

800-239-1226 option 3

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