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Reseating the TB12 Radio Card

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Last updated: 14 Feb, 2017
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Reseating the TB12 Radio Card

SenSource Tech Support

If a condition occurs where the TB12 sensor does not recognize Wi-Fi access points or the built in radio card then the radio card may need to be reseated.

Turn the sensor with the LCD screen over, turn the power OFF and remove the 4 black screws.

Before removing the bottom cover please note the position of the LCD screen on the two tabs. When replacing the cover the LCD screen must be positioned on top of the tabs.

With the bottom cover removed you will see the radio card.

Be careful not to bend the pins when removing the card. Carefully lift up on the outside edges of the card nearest the batteries.

To reseat the card please observe the 9 pins below the batteries and the black connectors on the bottom of the card. Realign all 9 pins and carefully insert the card by pressing evenly on the top edge of the radio card nearest the batteries.

Replace the bottom cover. ‘Remember the LCD screen must be positioned on top of the two tabs’.

If necessary with the batteries removed carefully push out on the top edge of LCD screen with your finger while at the same time replacing the bottom cover.


Inspect the seam between the bottom cover and the top cover and make sure it is seated all the way around before replacing the 4 screws.

Replace the 4 black screws.

To Test - turn the sensor ON, connect to the computer with the USB cable and launch the Sensor Utility or WiFi IR Beam Setup software.


SenSource Tech Support

800-239-1226 option 3

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