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TB12 Battery Considerations

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Last updated: 14 Feb, 2017
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SenSource Inc.

TB12 Battery Considerations

To avoid a loss of traffic counts, SenSource Inc. recommends replacing the batteries at least once a year.

Most TB12 models require 3.6 volt, AA size, Lithium Batteries. These type of batteries must be used for the sensors to operate properly. Any brand can be used. Do not use 1.5v alkaline, rechargeable or 1.5v lithium batteries unless otherwise indicated.

When replacing the batteries replace all 4 batteries at once. Do not mix new and used batteries. Do not mix battery brands.

To replace the batteries:

Remove sensors from the wall mounts. Note: When separating the sensor from the mounting plate be careful not to break the 2 hinge tabs at the bottom (a).


Turn the sensor over and open the battery door by removing the silver Philips screw.

Remove the batteries by firmly pulling the white tab. Note: Prying the batteries with a tool can bend the battery terminals causing a no power condition.

When inserting the new batteries please note the batteries go in the same direction.

Testing the sensors for power

Before replacing the battery cover test the sensors for power. Make sure the power switch is in the ON position. Gently tap the service button with the provided blue tool or a paperclip. The feedback from the RX sensor will display either an ā€œFā€ or ā€œSā€ and the counts on the LCD screen. The feedback from the TX sensor will cause the LED light to flash 1 to 4 times. If these indicators do not work contact SenSource Tech Support at 800-239-1226 option 3 or email Note: holding the service button for longer than 5 seconds will reset the counts. Holding the button for 10 seconds will reset the battery timers. Do not insert the tool or paperclip in the LED or IR sensor holes.

-Replace the battery cover and silver screw.

-Remount the sensor on the wall.

-Test the sensors. While looking at the LCD screen, pass your hand in between the sensors. The sensor should count one time.

For further assistance contact

SenSource Tech Support

Voice - 800-239-1226 option 3

Email -

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